I am recording my second solo piano album after successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign.  I am really excited by this project, and believe that the programme is innovative and inspiring, and will appeal to a wide range of listeners.  The combination of pieces is unique, and I think this album will be refreshingly different, but perhaps the most important thing to say is just that it is great music, and deserves to be heard...

The album features Nocturnes (or pieces inspired by the night) by seventeen different composers, ranging from the earliest examples by John Field and Frederick Chopin to contemporary works by Lowell Liebermann (USA), Antonio Bibalo (Argentina), Anthony Hershel Hill (UK), and even the great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. I have discovered rare gems by the likes of Alec Rowley, Ivor Gurney, Francis Poulenc and Louis Durey, as well as haunting masterpieces by Bela Bartok and Anton Scriabin. 'Nocturne' is conceived to reflect the increasing intensity of the night; where moments of gentle repose are interspersed with nightmarish visions, beautiful allusions to the natural world, and fleeting, often haunting memories. There is a strong sense of the composers' national identity, and a logical progression to the works.

The recording will be from July 17th - 20th 2017 at Potton Hall in Suffolk, with Patrick Allen as Sound Engineer and Producer. Patrick has worked on some fantastic albums, and is a brilliant engineer. He will also be producing a short promotional film to accompany the album release.

Quartz Music will release the album in November 2017, and will distribute it globally. They handle all marketing, manufacture and distribution, and associated costs. My first album 'On An Overgrown Path' was received enthusiastically by the music press, and got some great reviews in major publications such as Gramophone magazine, BBC music magazine and International Record Review.